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The flexible tool for end-to-end automation

Tools play a key role in succeeding in test automation. Many decisions need to be made. There are fixed tools from major software manufacturers on one hand and individually gathered tool sets with numerous open source tools that need to be orchestrated on the other hand.

Those who prepare themselves for requirements that are not yet foreseeable today create security for the future. And that calls for a tool which already covers many scenarios and keeps adopting in an ad hoc manner.

Following this demand, we created publiqa – a most flexible end-to-end test automation tool, filling a white spot in the market.


Many application areas

End-to-end testing = one tool covering all

To avoid jumps between different tools, publiqa is consistently geared towards end-to-end testing. Thus, publiqa can test all components of complex IT systems. This ranges from the GUI to APIs, databases and mail handling to the verification of pdf files. Tests across different systems and infrastructures are no obstacle.

One does not need to be an engineer to automate tests

Test automation requires to combine technical know how and functional understanding. These two areas of expertise are usually not evenly distributed across QA team members.

With publiqa this doesn’t matter. Functional experts can use build-in test steps and integrated wizards to parameterize those. Draged and dropped, those test steps can be combined to create automated test cases the easy way.

Tech specialists can create test automation scripts right in the publiqa IDE or use publiqa in headless mode.

This way scares QA ressources can be toped up by functional oriented stakeholders in order to automate tests. This not just increases test coverage but often helps to increase the quality of test suits as well .

low barrier of entry

independent of environment

publiqa runs on every tech stack

publiqa is undemanding - it runs and runs and runs.

No matter which operating system and what kind of tech stack applies.

Whether native app, desktop or web app – publiqa allows to test on any kind of application.

publiqa is flexible up to the tips of code

When it comes to test automation tools every organization has it’s individual requirements.

The mix of test strategy, human factor and tech stack defines an environment that is changing over time. publiqa offers the flexibility that prevents our customers from narrowing their options.

It’s architecture and developing process were designed to meet new requirements within the duration of a 2 week sprint.

That allows for ad hoc adaptions to fit the individual needs of our customers.

Ad hoc adjustable

low costs of test maintenance

We sharpen the axe thoroughly

It is an often neglected fact: automated tests need to be maintained.

The necessary effort for that depends on the paradigms and architecture of the respective test automation.

publiqa is designed to generate a minimum of maintenance costs. Repeatedly used key activities are bunched in test steps and can be used in as much test cases as necessary. Test data can be managed in a central data store. And less sustainable methods like capture/replay are not supported. And i.e. an intelligent recognition of GUI elements ensures robust tests instead.

As part of the publiqa support package we guide new customers through the implementation with a strong focus on low future maintenance costs.