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QA - from planning to automation

Every organization faces individual challenges when it comes to QA. We identify the challenges of your organization and help you meet them.

Starting from status quo and considering your objectives, we develop tailor-made strategies for your QA. Based on that we manage the process of software testing and automate your tests on all test levels.

We are not just looking for bugs but also find their root cause and provide solutions to solve those.

The center of our services is test automation.

QA Consultancy

Test strategy

Who’s not aiming can’t hit the target

Software testing starts with a plan. We develop test strategies along the individual need and purpose. Based on that we create processes and measures that make good economic sense. In close collaboration with our clients, we define which components of a system need to be tested to which degree, which methods will be applied on each test level and what kind of infrastructures is necessary for that.

This way we can ensure, that your QA achieves it goals efficiently and effectively.

QA needs a driver

Different roles and areas of expertise are necessary to create an effective QA. Tasks and responsibilities are spread across many team members. But that inherits the thread, that nobody feels responsible, because all team members are. In modern development environments developer’s responsibilities are growing which amplifies this effect. Quality assurance is predestined to lose in the day-to-day struggle of priorities.

To secure sustainable success of quality assurance, it needs test manager, who own the QA process and demand the same from all stakeholders.

Test management


A one stop service

Pragmatic approach and methodical procedures are no contradiction to us. We get grips with what matters the most in sound methodological ways no matter what type of test.

We test on all levels of functional tests ranging from integration to regression tests. We check how usable your applications are and apply load and performance tests as well as penetration tests.

No matter if you have a web app, desktop app or native app.

We thrive on complex infrastructures with many different types of system components. That makes our work interesting and calls for top performance. We feel at home with all kinds of tech-stack, architecture, and operation systems.

(almost) each and every test can be automated

We help our customers to test their applications and systems. We create the most benefit for our customers by automizing tests. Test automation helps to increase test coverage, decreases time to market and shortening the frequencies of releases.

We help to solidify the vision of target, to create the right test setup and visible success.

Utilizing the swarm intelligence of our team of developers and test engineers we develop vast test suites in efficient manners. We find ways to automate tests where most test engineers see limits of feasibility.

To make test automation as efficient as possible we use our own test automation tool publiqa in many projects involved ...read more

Test automation

IT security

IT security: more than just a good feeling!

There are many reasons to take thoroughly security tests. That ranges from compliance standards and the protection of critical data to lower fees for company insurance.

To test your systems for safety aspects is not a monotonous and repetitive work to us. There is always one sr. security expert from start till the end trying to uncover all security vulnerabilities with detective wit. This way findings from automatic scans and the following of the false-positive analysis will be included in the detective part without loss of information.