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About us

Quality does not simply happen

Digitalization is on the rise. Our life is increasingly influenced by IT-Systems. To make sure this leads to higher quality of life, more performance, availability, and better usability is in demand.

Movers and Shakers of the digitalization use state of the art quality assurance to ensure the demands are met. netqa advises on issues related to quality assurance and is a pioneer in test automation.

How it all began

In the early 2000s the founding members of netqa crossed paths for the first time in the telecommunication branch of Siemens. As freelancing test engineers Gerrit Vogel, Michael Haase and Salah Yammine met at several clients during the following 2 decades. Equally dedicated to test automation they joint forces in 2014 and founded netqa.

Diligence pays off

Dilligence and good work does pay off. That’s how requests for support piled up. Our team grew. And what started as a loose group of freelancers became an IT consultancy with a strong focus on quality assurance. But don’t get us wrong. We don’t wear suits though. We stayed IT experts, who rather like to be efficient problem solvers than becoming IT consultants in a common sense.

netqa is swarm intelligence

We established a more then flat hierarchy and communicate very dynamically. This way our customers benefit from the expertise and passion of our entire team. We offer hand-picked experts for the professionalization of your quality assurance and are a partner focused on long-term cooperation.

True to our values

In our work, we are as methodical as we are pragmatic. We tackle where it burns and make progress tangible. We inextricably link our claim to professionalism with values such as transparency, honesty and integrity.

We are team player

Our experts become an integral part and reinforcement of the customer's team. We pay attention to a budget-friendly use of resources and flexibly adapt our support from individual specialists to a well-coordinated team of experts.

Following our vision

Based on the vision of a society in which reliable and stable IT systems truly simplify our lives, we understand our mission to be the development and dissemination of forward-looking IT quality assurance.