We offer customer specific services, covering all testing from the early software development stage to the implementation and operation stages.
The following are potential application scenarios:

System test during software development phase

You are a software developer and would like to submit your product to a thorough system test before delivering it to your customer. We analyze your software requirements and create testing strategies and plans . We then assist you in implementing the proposed test scenarios. When applicable, we automate your test suites and support you with the implementation of automated regression tests.

Acceptance test

You are a customer and want your new software to undergo a thorough acceptance test before the official launch. We test your product against specified functional and operational requirements. Within the scope of the operational acceptance tests, we ensure the reliability and performance of your system. We can also automate your acceptance test cases. This is cost efficient when frequent bug fixes are expected during the acceptance phase or when you plan continuous modifications and functional enhancements in the software life cycle.

Security test

We subject your system to thorough safety tests that take into consideration different threat scenarios (penetration testing). We then document encountered problems and suggest solutions to resolve these vulnerabilities.

Load test

We test the robustness of your system to varying stress levels (normal, peak, stress). We thus map expected user behavior into the automated test cases in order to generate the necessary load conditions. Based on test results, we can then assist you in defining the dimensioning of your system.

Test automation

We are test automation experts. We have the necessary know-how to automate complex end-to-end scenarios . We thus use our own automation framework, which allows us to overcome common restrictions found in standard solutions. This allows us to reach a high level of automation in your functional and non-functional testing. We easily adapt our automation framework to different testing environments – not the other way around! We attach great importance to the high maintainability of our automated tests. We guarantee a high level of reusability in all test suites within the software life cycle. These services combine to give our customers the opportunity to save time and money, as complex test scenarios will no longer have to be carried out over and over again manually.